Get Published!

Creative Writing, Stories, etc.

Merlyn's Pen
— publishes a yearly collection as well as more frequent issues featuring teenage writing

Read! Literacy and Education for Life
— read and submit stories and book reviews at this site.

TeenInk Magazine
— monthly print magazine and website written by teens for teens. The website accepts original poetry, fiction, and book reviews from teens.

— website for publishing your own creative writing. Sponsored by the New York Public Library.

Book Reviews & Rants:
— one of the original places online where teens can submit book reviews. Listmania! Lists also allow user to create personalized book lists and suggestions on any topic.
— write and submit reviews about your favorite books. Edited and owned by Davina Morgan-Witts.

— encourages girls to read, review, and discuss books or whatever floats your boat. A collaboration between Seventeen Magazine and Electric Artists.

Book Raps
— discuss books that are nominated by teachers and librarians. "Book Raps" are scheduled on a monthly calendar and anyone can participate. Part of the Oz-Teacher Net of Australia; maintained by Margaret Lloyd, Jennifer Masters, and Shaun Nykvist.

Favorite Teenage Angst Books
— discuss books related to classic coming-of-age issues, such as relationships, drugs and alcohol, self-esteen, and family problems. Run by author Cathy Young.

Reading Rants!
— focuses on books geared toward girls. Maintained by librarian Jennifer Hubert.
— read and write reviews of books, music, movies, and websites. Maintained by the Central Rappahannock Regional Library in Fredericksburg, VA.

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