International Law

Other Intergovernmental Organizations

U.S. Resources

United Nations Homepage
Includes daily briefings, press releases, and (as of 10/07) special reports on the Situation in the Middle East and the Situation in Iraq. Also contains list of websites of all member states.
Subsections on: Peace & Security, Economic & Social Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, International Law.

International Court of Justice
Includes list of all cases ever heard before the Court with full-text available in more recent cases.

Statute of the International Court of Justice

Permanent Court of International Justice
Predecessor of the International Court of Justice
Includes a full-text collection of Advisory
Opinions, Judgments, and Annual Reports.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Treaty Collection
Includes status of current treaties, rules of treaty creation, and pictures of treaty signing ceremonies.

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties - 1969

International Law Research Guide
Explains the various courts, tribunals, and legal bodies of the United Nations, as well as the numbering systems used for their various publications.

American Society of International Law Research Guide
Overview of International Law including Commercial Arbitration, Criminal, Economic, Environmental, Intellectual Property, and Private International Law

Brooklyn Journal of International Law from Brookly Law School. (V. 27 (2001) to present available full-text online.)

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