Science & Technology

Health & Medicine


Arctic Environments



American Association for the Advancement of Science

Discovery Channel

NASA for Kids - resources and activities divided up for specific age groups.

Science Education Teacher Resource Center

Try Science
— guided field trips of world-wide science centers, computer games, and online and offline experiments.

A Walk in the Woods
— visit the forest and its inhabitants on a narrated nature walk.

Whole Frog Project

Women's Adventure in Science
— profiles modern-day female scientists in various fields, including stories, lab activities, scrapbooks, and games.
— search across 28 scientific databases from 18 countries to access research findings in energy, medicine, agriculture, environment, and the basic sciences.

Darwin Online
- Darwin's complete works, letters, etc.

Marine Biology: The Living Ocean
- games, experiments, and facts about the ocean.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Fun & Learning
- interactive games, activities, journals by local children, information on science careers plus information on animals and habitats in the exhibits.

NOAA Ocean Service Education
- separate sections for students at various levels and teachers.

UN Atlas of the Oceans
- sections on geography, biology, ecology, and human impact.

Exploring Time
- learning about change and the passage of time

Understanding Evolution

DLESE: Digital Library for Earth System Education


Common Chemistry
— searches over 36 databases and 200 million pages of goverment science information including food, technology, astronomy, biology, nature, energy, health, medicine, and education.

Chemical Engineering
- explores the achievements, innovations, etc. in chemical engineering.

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